Climate Change and Our Temperament

Sunday Reflections Imagine a world where our climate is controlled by our temperament. Our happiness would warm the world up and our mourning would make the temperatures more frigid. What temp would anger bring? It’s interesting. It reminds me of Persephone and her mother, Demeter. It’s an interesting myth that explains the seasons. When PersephoneContinue reading “Climate Change and Our Temperament”

Random Thoughts

[Most times] I’m sold on the creative ways to say something mundane. And those bold enough to learn from the mundane Today I learned that if I really want something, being too tired isn’t going to keep me from doing the work. (But I still took a nap after I finished the work.) Consistency isContinue reading “Random Thoughts”

Write Myself Free

I don’t wanna write myself into a hole. I wanna write myself free. I wanna write myself into the place that makes me better than I was yesterday. If I could I’d write a million dollars into my bank account. If I could I’d write my family and friends safe and healthy lives. I’d writeContinue reading “Write Myself Free”

Allow Your Characters the Space to Become Monsters

Photo by Thomas Dumortier on Unsplash Let your characters choose between right and wrong. See how they react in a situation. Sometimes they surprise you and they respect themselves far more than you think. Same in life, you have to let people choose to make the wrong decision. If you take away the chance for someone to chooseContinue reading “Allow Your Characters the Space to Become Monsters”

Empowerment for the gas lit

They’re going to belittle you and question your thoughts Keep empowering yourself Keep thinking They’re going to tell you how you should feel Keep feeling every little thing that ripples through your veins They’re going to tell you don’t worry about it now you have your whole life ahead of you Get it done They’reContinue reading “Empowerment for the gas lit”

Karl Mark and Consciousness

Karl Marx and Consciousness It is not the consciousness of man that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness. Karl Marx Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash Do you think your status affects your consciousness, does your consciousness come from above, or somewhere between these two? I read the quote aboveContinue reading “Karl Mark and Consciousness”

Can literature act as a preparation for life experiences?

  Spoiler Alert Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White I vividly remember when I finished reading Charlotte’s Web in fourth grade. I cried when Charlotte died. Her loss left me in a strange place where I was contemplating death for days. I also remember the day my grandmother died. These two experiences are not the same.Continue reading “Can literature act as a preparation for life experiences?”