Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Hans Andersen Brindekilde Worn Out or Udlsidt Aka Working Class This picture was created to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. I find myself fascinated by his ability to capture these raw moments in life. This particular picture uses earth tones I think it suggests how close we are to returning to the earth.Continue reading “Hans Andersen Brindekilde”

Painting Nature

Gold paint was left unopened beneath the microwave Butter knife around the edges to release the magic What shall I paint? To My dismay the purple roses I planted for my grandmother have turned pink do they no longer honor her Will they bloom again this spring? Passed the roses are dandelions passed the dandelionsContinue reading “Painting Nature”

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

    Whistlers early and consistent use of musical titles ‘nocturnes’, ‘symphonies’ and ‘arrangements’, helped to confirm the impression that the visual arts ought to aspire towards the condition of music; and his decorative ideas- such as the use of a peacock- feather pattern in the room which he painted for his patron F.R. Leyland-Continue reading “James Abbott McNeill Whistler”

Pierre Puvis De Chavannes

  “I have a weakness I scarcely dare to avow. [It] consists in preferring rather mournful aspects to all others, low skies, solitary plains, discreet in hue, where each tuft of grass plays it’s little tune to the indolent breath of the wind of midday… I wait impatiently for the bad weather to come, andContinue reading “Pierre Puvis De Chavannes”