Where Am I

I’ve reached a place in my life where I’m more full, more myself, and more humble than I’ve ever been. I feel so me. The self that loved with no expectations. The girl before her first heartbreak. It’s as if I’m getting a second chance at life and love and following my dreams. Life isn’tContinue reading “Where Am I”

Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Hans Andersen Brindekilde Worn Out or Udlsidt Aka Working Class This picture was created to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. I find myself fascinated by his ability to capture these raw moments in life. This particular picture uses earth tones I think it suggests how close we are to returning to the earth.Continue reading “Hans Andersen Brindekilde”

This Is My Calling

Begging for a break A place to get away from all this But I’m going to show my face I’m going to show my insides The treasures inside aren’t worth hiding The flesh outside isn’t worth flaunting I’m going to wait on the heavens I’m going to pursue my calling With the fire in myContinue reading “This Is My Calling”

Please Exist

There is a reason why you’re here It’s to read this poem and to realize this poem’s existence would cease without you It would be silent A dead silence with the night air stuck in a place that never really existed It would lack the chaos of us Trees would fall into oblivion I wouldContinue reading “Please Exist”

Will Write For Tomorrow

Light in the distance A globe or maybe an orb It flits around the corners of my heart Dashes against the edges of my mind I look and touch and smell What it may be like I want things a way Smooth oiled machines But life isn’t so oiled It’s jagged and rough There areContinue reading “Will Write For Tomorrow”