Effective Communication

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.  Tony Robbins Communication is hard work. What could go wrong if you share too much of your personal life? What could go right? As aContinue reading “Effective Communication”


The more we elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate. J. B. Priestley Let me start with this, I’m a lover of flowery prose and H.P. Lovecraft!! But when I’m being spoken to audibly, (especially when being given direction) I can not sit through the bullsh*t. I laugh writing this, because I loveContinue reading “Communication”

When Things Workout

Not all broken commitments hurt. Some we hope won’t work. Some commitments we initially hope don’t work out, and then when they don’t, we realize we do want it to work out. Then there’s some that work out and you wished they didn’t. The ones that workout just the way you planned, are priceless. read more…

Stop Saying the L Word

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash I enjoy a good romance or a good cry from the loss of a character I’ve come to feel close to. I like delaying or sacrificing my own current desires for my daughters. I like spending time with those I feel most connected to. These are all descriptions of love. But I’dContinue reading “Stop Saying the L Word”

What Do You Need

Let’s talk this out… What do you need right now? Sometimes in the moment you don’t know what you need. Sometimes it takes an entire conversation to figure it out. It’s going to take courage to talk it out. So not only is it important to find someone able to deliver, that someone should alsoContinue reading “What Do You Need”

Sharing my feelings

As long as I can put words to the way I feel, it’s free and open to the public. Unfortunately, living that way can frustrating because so many people are scared to share their own feelings. Why would I continue to be so honest and care free with my thoughts and feelings knowing it leavesContinue reading “Sharing my feelings”

The Silent Man

I mouth the words hoping they’ll be caught But without a sound I could be saying anything He doesn’t mouth a thing He stands there staring waiting for more from me But I have such a hard time getting my own words out “What are you thinking?” I mouth silently He stands there waiting forContinue reading “The Silent Man”

Passionate Seekers

Empty sex, soulless endeavors and failed attempts at trying to find ourselves somewhere buried beneath all the shit we were drowning in. He called me a bitch in front of the kid and I didn’t like that so I reached out and socked him right in the chin. “I don’t need this. Why am I evenContinue reading “Passionate Seekers”

Photography- Morality Project

Photography/Editing: James Futrell Hair: Melissa Payne Makeup/Creative Director: Saschia Johnson Models: Tessa Dipallina and Christine Talamayan   . Wanna read more? Here’s another great piece from our Morality Collection by Geoff Blanchette