On Your Worst Days

Letters To Myself On your worst days you are a work of art because what makes you a masterpiece isn’t your perfection it’s your scars –Jayne.Press On your worst day, I’m going to be here building you up. I’m going to tell you you’re beautiful and smart and strong. It’s ok to be scared andContinue reading “On Your Worst Days”

The Feels

I have gone through my own rough times. I have pretended like I didn’t care about things till I truly didn’t care about them. I didn’t want to care anymore. I wanted my feelings to go away so I could just move forward in life and not be held down by them. I hurt myselfContinue reading “The Feels”

I Feel You

I feel it I feel her Please, someone help her forgive herself Someone tell her to take responsibility for her own life That’s the only way Tell her stop worrying about everyone else It’s not healthy and its showing is her life choices Shes trying to just destroy herself But shes tearing apart everyone elseContinue reading “I Feel You”

2020 Encouragement

I approve of you I approve of your workout And your smile And the way you raise your babies I see you learning and thinking things through as usual To be specific I like how you’re learning to trust yourself How you can be honest about your shortcomings And compromise with clear set boundaries Let’sContinue reading “2020 Encouragement”