Looking Forward

Sunday reflections I’m excited to hear Beyonce’s new album! She really inspires me. Here’s her latest song that I’m really digging!! I didn’t really get into Beyonce until I watched Homecoming live and let me tell you it was like years after it came out. I think she intentionally leads women especially black women toContinue reading “Looking Forward”

And Then I Sleep

There’s a drummer in my ear I’ve been just about to tears since theystarted three days ago I don’t know why they’re here.but they are, so I listenand I hum and I sway and I write in ways that might justrecord what they’d have to say iftheir music spoke words and then, I sleep peacefullyContinue reading “And Then I Sleep”


Don’t let them get you down I know you probably supported them and their dreams so much so that you lost yourself And now that you’re reaching for the stars   it seems they are intentionally avoiding your endeavors That the support you provided isn’t reciprocated That’s ok cuz this is your fucking dream DreamContinue reading “Dreamers”