On Infidelity and Monsters

When would he realize that it wasn’t his infidelity I couldn’t bear, but his cowardice?― Tatiana de Rosnay, Sarah’s Key Infidelity is something I’m exploring right now. Since there’s different types, I’m referring to the type that involves an entire secret relationship. What hurts about it? The inability to face the betrayed partner? The sucker punch toContinue reading “On Infidelity and Monsters”

Your Wife III

She pokes and prods Yells and screams She wants sex She wants to feel sexy And dinner out And he worked he worked his ass off But she wants wants wants And the kids are hungry And work is calling while they sit at the dinner table Chicken and salad…. again He’s glad he gotContinue reading “Your Wife III”

Your Wife II

His waves crash Like an ancient melody They play my song They pull me in I dive and dive Only to be denied I sit I cry I beg and plead Open up to me I’m left drenched with a Mouth full of sea foam Drowning in an eerie silence I’ve become a pirate ForeverContinue reading “Your Wife II”

My Last Love Letter

There you were Beneath my naked body stripped bare To the bone To the soul And still you stood Unwavering next to my shattered bones Next to my full and emptied womb You accepted my child so much so you cried to let her go You taught her to tie her shoes and taught meContinue reading “My Last Love Letter”

Stop Saying the L Word

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash I enjoy a good romance or a good cry from the loss of a character I’ve come to feel close to. I like delaying or sacrificing my own current desires for my daughters. I like spending time with those I feel most connected to. These are all descriptions of love. But I’dContinue reading “Stop Saying the L Word”

Demon Eyes

I’m not waiting for my blessings. I’m collecting them I Tack them to my wall For future reference Souls locked away For my own enjoyment You know, Husbands fucking wives Wives fucking husbands Making babies cry Making writers write Making me rise To another dimension That’s some human shit Tell me about it -Sasch