So Now, Accept Yourself

You are tough You weren’t born that way You came out soft and squishy And full of fantasies And you tasted just like sugar Like melted sugar And rainbows shot from your eyes in the middle of a hurricane Then it started the dying You realized people did very bad things That people died forContinue reading “So Now, Accept Yourself”

My Current Thoughts

I am not always the easiest person to talk to. I am fully aware of that. But: I am capable of change. I am capable of forgiveness, I am capable of learning/listening to new thoughts and ideas even if they compromise my own beliefs. I tried just following a belief system even though the systemContinue reading “My Current Thoughts”

We Go On–We All Do

Funny how things work out How people show up And make you proud of who you are Or make you feel less than who you are both people come and go They make impacts They go on with their lives With their red Rose’s or their brass scales And think briefly of you now andContinue reading “We Go On–We All Do”

She’s deep though

(Before she rids all things beauty) There she was dressed to the T Name brand from head to toe: Jeans snug, just a kiss of cleavage showing She’s mastered the art of beauty Because she’s terrible at everything else and her mind’s not like the others She hides behind mesmerizing curves, and charms, and niceness Why? because notContinue reading “She’s deep though”