MacDonald Sisters

  According to Claire E. Jones with, “Margaret and Frances Macdonald embodied this ‘new woman’ with their status and education as professional artists and the visual motifs that they accordingly employed. They managed to combine feminine and masculine characteristics into one figure in their works, effectively establishing an androgynous figure. In the process they managed toContinue reading “MacDonald Sisters”

Baa Humbug

Can you just add the Baa to my humbug Lets stay in bed and cuddle under the covers dreaming up new dreams Let the ghosts come bring us back to childhood to remind us what we really need They’d agree it’s to write and that all these bells and tinsels are unnecessary I’d say letsContinue reading “Baa Humbug”

Sleep, my friend

Sleep, my friend I can’t keep my eyes open The lids they’re being pulled down by a crane And the weightlessness of sleep washes over me like waves Some bigger than others I want to skip all this creating and let my consciousness free in dreams But I’m almost finished just a few more sentencesContinue reading “Sleep, my friend”