MacDonald Sisters


According to Claire E. Jones with, “Margaret and Frances Macdonald embodied this ‘new woman’ with their status and  as professional artists and the visual motifs that they accordingly employed. They managed to combine feminine and masculine characteristics into one figure in their works, effectively establishing an androgynous figure. In the process they managed to establish an equality, if not superiority, of women and men.

The director, Francis H. Newbery, was committed to an excellence in art that combined functionalism with beauty while encouraging individuality and experimentation among his students. Here the instructors trained the Macdonald girls as professional artists. This is also where they met their future husbands, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and James Herbert McNair. These four youths came to be known as the “Glasgow Four” during their time at the school.”

I think these ladies seem pretty awesome and I love the way their work seems to sway. AND they are the first female painters I’ve blogged about. Their styles are similar, but still unique to each of them. So inspiring! I can’t wait to learn about more artists.


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All pictures including feature photo from: Feature photo by Frances Macdonald I’m unsure of the title

Baa Humbug


Can you just add the Baa to my humbug

Lets stay in bed and cuddle under the covers

dreaming up new dreams

Let the ghosts come bring us back to childhood

to remind us what we really need

They’d agree it’s to write

and that all these bells and tinsels are unnecessary

I’d say lets build a snowman but there’s no snow

And that’s okay with me

As long as I’m cuddled up inside with you

writing your poetry on my belly

That would be the best gift

and the only gift I’d want to see.


-Saschia Johnson


Sleep, my friend

Sleep, my friendwoman-2714174_1280

I can’t keep my eyes open

The lids

they’re being pulled down by a crane

And the weightlessness of sleep washes over me like


Some bigger than others

I want to skip all this creating and let my consciousness free in dreams

But I’m almost finished just a few more sentences

-Saschia Johnson