Your Wife

She could climb right in the hot dish water it’s been days since she’s relaxed in a bath she soaks her hands just a second longer a crawler wraps around her leg brings her joy brings her frustration “just five more dishes” wrinkled hand wrinkled sanity the crawler lifts a pant leg “ugh, I needContinue reading “Your Wife”

I Don’t Want My Love For Everyone

I Don’t Want My Love For Everyone But that’s a limiting mindset Photo by Adrian Fernández on Unsplash Unconditional love is an act worth living and dying for. -Saschia Johnson Yesterday, I posted something on Instagram but archived it because I wrote, my love is only for those who can face me with the truth. That is such a falseContinue reading “I Don’t Want My Love For Everyone”

Conversation is a Dance

and why it’s important to know that. There are things that should be handled directly. And then there are things like flirting, that have a casual build up. I think it’s ok to be indirect with a sweet smile when you’re flirting. Because most times it takes so many words in order to really processContinue reading “Conversation is a Dance”

My Abandonment Issues

I grew up as a dreamer in a single-family home. I wasn’t that different from my peers. However, most TV shows depicted two parent families or co-parenting which involved parents that were separated but did whatever they had to do to make it work out. The sad thoughts that come with the idea that someone thatContinue reading “My Abandonment Issues”

Where My Ambition Came From

I was not always ambitious. I grew up in a single parent home with a mom battling depression. She, with the help of my family, made sure we had everything we needed while prioritizing a deep rooted relationship with Christ. I was blessed with a father who loved me and did the Read more…

Philosophy and Character

When your philosophy/belief system does not in any way line up with your behaviors I’m calling you out on your character And I support anyone else who calls you out I don’t understand why people get mad when their character is attacked while spewing beliefs they don’t even follow for themselves Change your behavior orContinue reading “Philosophy and Character”

The Night Sky Tells It All

My heart is growing I can’t hide the truth It’s breaking free I can keep quiet but only out of respect to innocent The fight is still in me but the direction in which I focus has narrowed to only my art my art which is vast but what matters is I’m focused -Saschia TimeContinue reading “The Night Sky Tells It All”