What Do You Need

Let’s talk this out… What do you need right now? Sometimes in the moment you don’t know what you need. Sometimes it takes an entire conversation to figure it out. It’s going to take courage to talk it out. So not only is it important to find someone able to deliver, that someone should alsoContinue reading “What Do You Need”

Question for fiction writers

I’m what is called a pantser like Stephen King. I don’t outline the story ahead of time. But I do take time to stop and think or journal on where I’d like my characters to end up. Anyhow, my two characters, a woman and a man, are growing in separate places right now. The guy’sContinue reading “Question for fiction writers”

This is Who

I watched her rise above I watched her question who she really was And demand who she would become She didn’t sit still for a moment longer She pushed through and persevered And now her home is quiet And still She worked for this peace She stepped out and stood tall And worked til herContinue reading “This is Who”

Photography- Morality Project

Photography/Editing: James Futrell Hair: Melissa Payne Makeup/Creative Director: Saschia Johnson Models: Tessa Dipallina and Christine Talamayan   . Wanna read more? Here’s another¬†great piece from our Morality Collection by Geoff Blanchette  

Simon Williams On Morality

On Morality Introduction I will be presenting Morality from the position of an Evangelical Christian. In this post, I will simply assume that the Bible is as the authoritative word of God and the existence of the Christian God, as described in the Bible and the first six ecumenical councils. My goal is to presentContinue reading “Simon Williams On Morality”

Toni Williams -Morality Collection

“I define morality by God’s written word. Luckily God makes it plain so that we are without excuse. In fact God lists bad behavior out in Romans 1:29-32. Romans 2:1 states we have no excuse.” -Toni Williams raised catholic, married a Protestant, go to any church that preaches and teaches Jesus Christ is Lord.  Continue reading “Toni Williams -Morality Collection”

Who are we?

  Welcome to Jayne‚Äôs A place where¬†you can be human.   Our Mission The¬†mission of Jayne.Press is to inspire growth and respect real life content within New England. Jayne.Press will continue to find ways to increase¬†in community to create a place for writers to be paid for their¬†craft through writing real life experiences, using creativeContinue reading “Who are we?”