A Bag Full of Freedom

I wake up chug a cup of water in my reusable Starbuck’s cup gotta make sure I have enough milk made for the baby sniff my pits and decide they smell fresh enough to skip a shower I put on white leggings and look at my butt in the mirror only to notice my pantiesContinue reading “A Bag Full of Freedom”

Cookies with a Side of Fitness

Sitting here outside the gym eating Milanos. I might finish the bag before I finish this piece. It’s the double dark chocolate flavor. There’s a lesson to be learned here. But I’m sure I already know it. The class starts in ten. There’s two cookies left and I should stop eating them but I probablyContinue reading “Cookies with a Side of Fitness”

the unwritten character

Grinning she fills her hands with cupcakes and her pockets with candies. There’s no bringing her down. Her head is in the clouds full of happy dreams fed to her from a tv screen. She’s one positive guru with her bad feelings black and charred secretly tucked in the base of her Medulla. Her secretsContinue reading “the unwritten character”