Your Wife

She could climb right in the hot dish water it’s been days since she’s relaxed in a bath she soaks her hands just a second longer a crawler wraps around her leg brings her joy brings her frustration “just five more dishes” wrinkled hand wrinkled sanity the crawler lifts a pant leg “ugh, I needContinue reading “Your Wife”

Make Way For The Things You Love

Embrace the Pain “Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.” -Fight Club Life is full of pain. I’m not here to sell you sunshine and roses. We are going to suffer. Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash We’ll face times when our entire body aches from head to toe. It might be hard to breathe. ToContinue reading “Make Way For The Things You Love”

How To Connect With Other Writers

It’s important to connect with people who enjoy similar hobbies as you. It helps to have writers around that know how to support you. There are many reasons why it’s beneficial for writers to connect with writers. However, with writing being a solitary and time-consuming thing, it can be hard to get out there andContinue reading “How To Connect With Other Writers”

I’m Going to Love You

I’m not going to write you love letters I’m going to show you I’ll always be here I’m going to be completely And unapologetically me I’m going to get mad I’m going to be selfish with you I’m going to ask you to do things you don’t wanna do But my mad comes with acceptanceContinue reading “I’m Going to Love You”

Stitched Together

From time to time I think of you From minute to minute you cross my mind From hour to hour I’m lost in our fantasies If I stopped I might lose you So I leave myself little reminders Moons and doors and stars as big as your eyes The truth is I don’t need remindersContinue reading “Stitched Together”

Co Dependency Cheat Sheet

I have copy and pasted some different viewpoints on Codependency. Codependency looks normal in a society that sweeps mental health under the carpet. Makes me want to print this out and tape it to my wall for when I feel a bout of reactivity taking over my brain space. Accodring to Wikipedia, “Codependency is aContinue reading “Co Dependency Cheat Sheet”

8 Ways To Fall Forward

1. Allow yourself to fall. Cry, scream, nap, do self care. 2. Get healthy. Healthy diet and exercise help with a healthy mind. 3. Talk it out. Find someone who is in a healthy place emotionally to talk it out. 4. Set goals to focus on for the next year. Not so focused they becomeContinue reading “8 Ways To Fall Forward”

Kiss Me

While the world wastes away on a monotonous routine step outside of it all and kiss me hard. Don’t kiss me hard only after everything is falling apart Kiss me hard when everything is going right There’s no point in waiting This is what life is: connections, honesty, bravery Show up, kiss me. It’s notContinue reading “Kiss Me”

Know Yourself/Share Yourself

There are a million people that will love you and see you the way I do. You are not stuck with one person they are not the only one who can understand you. But it is your job to understand you. When you understand you and accept you it doesn’t matter so much when othersContinue reading “Know Yourself/Share Yourself”

Returned Energy

I finally feel the energy I’ve craved I feel this tingle in my toes Ready to go go go I want to reach goals I want to give hope I feel my strength returning It gives me the courage to lose To fail I’ve burned my backpack full of grief And pushed life out ofContinue reading “Returned Energy”