It’s speaking to me

Mid sleep checklist incomplete Dreaming of writing this While skating and collecting snowflakes in my pocket I’m with my old boss looking for the next word It’s underneath the ice and as long as we keep moving they’ll appear Slowly we place each word one after the other What we build here makes complete senseContinue reading “It’s speaking to me”


Don’t let them get you down I know you probably supported them and their dreams so much so that you lost yourself And now that you’re reaching for the stars   it seems they are intentionally avoiding your endeavors That the support you provided isn’t reciprocated That’s ok cuz this is your fucking dream DreamContinue reading “Dreamers”

Wet books

Wet Books That smell of wet books and Chanel no 5 is no invitation There are no arms open stiff I freeze Under my soles is the threshold A cold door knob damp in my palm Dead echoes haunt from behind “Vanity!” they scream A million hands reaching to save me from their sins fingersContinue reading “Wet books”

New Project, New England Authors

I’ve started compiling a list of Famous Writers from New England!  Still working on the list. But this is what I have so far. I’m proud to be from New England and live where so many great writers have lived. Thought I’d make page to show off my home.